Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Public Service Anouncement

Family, friends, elderly people, youngins, chickens, ducks...I'm home.

Rephrase: I'M HOME.

First off, my apologies for the lack of output. There are no excuses from my part, these inconsistencies lay squarely upon my shoulders. I finished my gap-year with a three month stint of volunteering that started in India and ended in Nepal, and am now back in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've had a gander, wandered a bit of God's earth, and have felt a connection with many a location, but none quite like this. No, I won't live here for the rest of my life, quite the contrary, but the stirring emotion that seems to hover with the bobbing leaves of my deciduous brethren will never depart. I FEEL home.

My term of vagabondation (humor me on that one) may have come to a close, but the kaleidoscope still whirs about at a rate that yields the type of vibrant productions that I have come to love. Even though my re-introduction to society, which deserves its own chapter, has altered this rotation, I believe that I can still reach back to those times where travel was the sole motor of my existence, where the colors given off by worldy gyrations would have your eyes salivating with tonal lust. So let's take it back, memory lane style.

I believe we were about to head to India....